Now everyone thinks he/she ´s metal or hxc….

yeap…u read well…and u know its true…in this times..everyone thinks hes hardcore or metal…or usually..that he or she plays rock, ok..there are millions of rock branches..(alternative..metalcore…poprock…softrock…u name it..), but why everyone of them has to say i play hard or shit…come on..hard???…do u really know whats hard?…ill leave it there, thats another future post XD…

hahahaha, follow the numbers, fuckin great vid, scott ian (anthrax) in the guitar for those who didnt know, but amazingly those things he sang in the vid r true…the big mexican lookin angry..XD look out for us¡¡, and the part that but backin up , why does everyone thinks emo,softrock,etc is hardcore music oh yeahh they play hardd ¡¡ riiiiite , and in a city where 70% is country music, you can say everyone who has a tattoo, long hair, dresses black or correct me if im wrong locals, hears some shitty softrock style band thinks hes/shes hardcore oh yeah..sureee dude or dudette…ur hardcoreeee arghh ¡¡ \m/… ¬¬

ok…dont think im a hater…for those who know me…they know..they really know im 100% openminded i respect everyone & every genre, every style & every clothe they use, even im kinda weird for a metalhead, some people look at me and never think that im metalhead, but it sux every time in a while when someone tells im rocker dude ¡¡….

c ya ltr metalheads

got vids or pics?…comment….ur approving/against the post?…comment

lets get back our scene…

click on the image to see it in full…


~ por damnedkero en octubre 28, 2006.

7 comentarios to “Now everyone thinks he/she ´s metal or hxc….”

  1. aún no entiendo porque lo publicaste en inglés… ¿porque?

  2. emm, ps yo supongo que también lo pondrá en Españl, jeje no se, vamos a ver eso xD

  3. para q pegue pss…mtl knights worldwide XD
    si lo kieren en español…es solo pedirlo

  4. jajajaja metal knights worlwide jajaaja las mamadas XD…. aunque pensandolo bien, no sería mala idea :O (Y)… no pos, ya le leí en inglés ahora que lo lean todos sino pos que chiste XD

  5. watt the fuck is this shit

  6. jajajjaja… I know it’s a little bit late say this, but… this is a fucking excellent post, dude..!! You couldn’t be more right about it..!!! I am a really openminded guy, but I just can’t stand people that say they’re metalheads or hardcores just because they have listened bands like moderatto or evanescence (well, amy lee is a great singer, but still I don’t like her…XD)
    En fin, alrato…x)!!


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